About Us

At Moksh, our vision is to make wealth creation, wealth management and wealth protection relevant, engaging and accessible to all Australians. We aim to build people’s trust in an industry that is losing its relevance through questionable financial practices and media scrutiny.

Our mission is to help clients navigate through a myriad of investment, insurance and retirement planning solutions to make their life goals a reality.

We strive to develop long lasting relationships with our clients to make a positive difference in their lives. We pride ourselves in helping our clients and honouring our best interest’s duty to achieve their goals in the most effective and cost efficient manner.

Moksh employs a team of highly skilled Chartered Accountants, Actuaries and other financial professionals to service our clients’ objectives in the most cost effective manner. We are able to deliver quality service and value to our clients due to our sound technical, strategic and advisory experience in the financial services sector, both in Australia and abroad.