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Needs analysis to obtain your required level of cover
1. What is your relationship status?
3. How many dependants under 18 do you have?
4. Include the cost of dependant education?
5. Do you smoke?
6. What is your date of birth:
7.What state do you live in
Needs analysis to obtain your insurance quote
8.What is your annual gross income (before tax & including super)
9. What are your estimated funeral costs?
10.Outstanding mortgage debt(Primary residence)
11. Other debts (Credit cards, Personal Loans, Car Loans, Investment properties etc.)
12. What is your current superannuation balance?
13. Current Insurance cover
13.1:Term Life
13.2: Total and Permanent Disability (TPD)
13.3: Trauma/Critical Illness
14. What is your estimated children's education cost?
Total insurance cover needed
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